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Biggest Project…

April 28, 2012


So I know my rate of building things has almost grinded to a halt, but for.. going on a couple months now I’ve been chipping away at the largest thing I’ve ever built, hell, it’s so big you can’t see one end from the other on full render distance, not even close. Those on the […]

Lego Minecraft Micro World

February 17, 2012


By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the newly announced Minecraft set from Lego. Well I say, who needs a Lego set when you can build it in minecraft!

Amity Park

February 14, 2012


I’m not dead yet!! I just haven’t had a lot of finished builds lately, I have a huge one in the works though. Anywho, this is Amity Park, just whipped it up for valentine’s day! Excuse the random snow, the server’s having some biome issues.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Broom

October 6, 2011


100% Foolproof Ladder Drop

September 30, 2011


Got a long way to fall and not a lot of time? Tired of being killed because you hit that annoying top edge of the ladder? Have no fear, panes are here! They create a perfect chute to drop you in the center of the ladder field. To prove it’s safe for survival I added […]

Grass Block Brownies

August 9, 2011


For my Birthday, via the best mom ever!          

Gnome Village

July 23, 2011


I had this idea in the works for a little while. The village is designed for gnomes that would be half the height of normal players. It includes 6 outdoor market booths, 6 homes, a grave yard, and a church! ┬áThe church pews are actually stair blocks, cause the floor is half blocks! I was […]