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TRON Recognizer

April 29, 2011


This was based on a papercraft model but it’s pretty close to the original… Lothus said “grid” in a totally different topic, then I got this idea. Advertisements

Portal Turret

April 29, 2011


“I see you <3”

USB Port

April 14, 2011


2.0 baby!

It’s Hockey Night in Minecraft!

April 13, 2011


BANA BA BAA BAA BAAAAAAAAH, BANA BA BAA BAA BANAAAAAAH! Well you get the idea.. just a simple hockey rink I wanted to whip up some time. Fun fact, if those lightstone blocks were any lower, they’d melt the ice!

Bucket-o-Nothing Billboard

April 3, 2011


“Only $9,999.99!”