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3.. 2.. 1.. BLASTOFF!

March 31, 2011


Just a generic space shuttle, continuing the space theme. I like to think the use of levers around the horizontal pilot seat was pretty clever. Advertisements

One Small Step, One Gigantic Dome!

March 29, 2011


The first piece of my space themed series, an enclosed Moon Biome! Complete with moon lander looking thing, and you can see me there in my astronaut skin. I’m just now realizing I forgot to make an entrance to the dome, but I’ll add that later.


March 27, 2011


Serves as backup power for the nuclear plant. :p I got the idea while working on wind turbine themed logo sketches for my college portfolio.

Gingerbread House

March 25, 2011


Totally wrong time of year, I know. I’ve got bigger plans for next christmas though!


March 24, 2011


Not  my best work, but something I wanted to whip up anyway!

That’s why you can stay so long, when there’s not a lot goin’ on

March 23, 2011


I feel that title applies both to this build as well as minecraft in general. I really really loved this show. When I was running low on project ideas I noticed the building played very well with minecraft’s materials. The strange thing is the scale makes a minecraft player seem like a child’s height. The […]

Ship in a Bottle

March 23, 2011


And not just a boat, but a lighthouse as well! Probably my second favourite project so far, except for the top end of the bottle. Domes + glass = tricky. That anchor on the front was just for a little added charm (pun intended).